Telecommunicator of the Year
Thomas Schindler
Grant County Sheriff's Office

I would like to nominate Grant County Sheriff’s Office Telecommunicator Thomas Schindler for the WIPSCOM Telecommunicator of the Year. I have had the pleasure of working alongside Tom Schindler for 7 ½ years as a dispatcher with the Grant County Sheriff’s Office. Prior to coming to work for Grant County Tom worked as a Dispatcher at the City of Fond Du Lac Police Department before moving closer to home and working a few years at Iowa County Sheriff’s Department as a Jailer/Dispatcher. Tom started working for the Grant County Sheriff’s Office in September 2005.I have now been Toms supervisor for a little over the past last year. Tom is the best dispatcher I have ever had the pleasure to work with and I hope that Tom’s professionalism, dedication, honesty and reliability will continue to impact our employees.


Demonstrates a positive attitude toward all aspects of the job. Tom is a very positive person and it shows in his daily work. Tom comes to work each day with a great attitude. Tom is always open and friendly with his coworkers and the public. Tom understands as a leader that his attitude sets the pace for other employee’s attitudes. Tom is a very confident and knowledgeable employee and it shows when Tom is assigned a task and is always looking for additional duties. Tom is very receptive to the needs of the citizens we serve, his peers, supervisors and various public safety entities.


Demonstrates a willingness to participate as a team player.

Tom is not only our senior dispatcher, Tom is also that “go to guy” that each department wishes they had. Tom has a great working knowledge of our CAD and RMS, radios, and mapping. Tom took on the task of being our system administrator for VisionAir/TriTech. Tom is always looking for ways to help people improve the work they do and to improve the efficiency of the center.


Demonstrates flexibility in the task assignments and capabilities.

Tom is willing to take on so many different tasks. Tom built our MSAG, worked on our Internal ALI, entry of warrants, validations. There are so many things that Tom does besides his normal dispatching duties. Tom does it all and never complains. Tom always finds time to get the things done that need to be done.


Demonstrates professionalism and pride in personal appearance, quality of workplace appearance and other factors that merit enhanced respect and esteem of co-workers, supervisors and others.

Tom displays professional attitude and appearance everyday he comes to work. Tom takes great pride in the Communications Center. The esteem the department holds for Tom, is based squarely on Tom’s honesty, integrity, reliability, and loyalty Actions which reflect the highest traditions of public safety service. Tom’s whole career has been public safety. Tom strives and excels in his pursuit of his career. Tom understands our past, present and embraces the future of communications.


Innovative procedures suggested by the nominee, and implementation of these procedures, that enhance productivity, improve standards and demonstrate dedication to the field of public safety communications. Tom has worked very hard making sure more data and information are entered into calls than just what is required. Tom understands that the more data entered is more data that is then searchable by our staff. Tom has improved our MSAG, Internal ALI and RMS data and because of his work ethic it has caused other employees to follow his leadership.


Demonstrates his knowledge of the profession.

Everyday Tom show his knowledge of the profession thru his exceptional job performance with very little supervision required, taking on additional tasks and completing them in a timely manner with minimal instruction, assisting employees and coaching new employees and coworkers.


Held in high esteem by colleagues.

Every member of our office can attest to the respect they have for Tom and what a valued member Tom is to the Grant County Sheriff’s Office


Demonstrates exceptional courage, foresight, alertness and skill in the performance of his or her profession.

Tom is always looking at ways to improve our Communications Center.


Acts of valuable communications services, special faithfulness and perseverance. Tom has taken on additions tasks and assignments that have sometime taken extended periods of time to complete. This has not deterred Toms quest to continue to improve our department.

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