Telecommunicator of the Year
Heather Van Straten
Outagamie County Sheriff's Department

Heather always comes to work displaying a positive, upbeat attitude. No matter what position she is sitting in the room, she is always willing to help and keeps an active ear open to everything that is occurring. If there is an issue or she can hear someone struggling with something, she is quick to step up and help. She is a very good investigator. Using her resources, she has helped officers figure out cases and link things together that would not normally be seen by eyes out on the road. In her down time, she is still doing tasks that will benefit her and her fellow TC's. She updates all of the Task Sheet Binders, Console Books and Way Cool Binders so the information is always current for when it is needed. When she does updates, she also sends out an informational email to everyone explaining the updates and where they can be found. Because of this, her fellow coworkers always have the most up to date information at their fingertips and they know where to locate it when needed. Heather is a member of the Public Education Program (PEP Club). This is a group that gets together and thinks of ideas on how to educate the public about the use of 9-1-1 and then they go out to different public events to spread their knowledge. She put together a 2 sided tri­fold flyer highlighting the programs focus that can be handed out to the public during different outings. Heather is also a Communications Training Officer (CTO). Her knowledge of the job and attention to detail are what is needed to train new TC's and get them started on the right path to success. Even when she is training someone as a CTO, she still picks up extra tasks here and there to help out her coworkers. New employees see this and it sets a good example of what is expected out of them too. Heather's attention to detail really shows through in her work that she performs. She had exemplary scores in her radio and phone QA's for 2012 and did not have any errors when entering warrants or protection orders. She is also a validations officer and always had her validations completed in a timely manner each month. Heather received the Best of the Badge Award in 2012. She definitely deserved it with how much she puts into the communications center. There's no wonder why her fellow TC's and responders from all of the police, fire and EMS agencies love working with her. Heather will always have their backs through thick and thin. She is an asset to the communications center, her coworkers, responders and all of the citizens of Outagamie.