Telecommunicator of the Year
Critical Incident
Cynthia Agacki
Wood County Dispatch Center
On October 2, 2011 at 0707 the Wood County Dispatch Center received a VOIP 911 call that actually originated in Brown County but for some reason misrouted to our PSAP. Dispatch Cynthia Agacki fielded the call and quickly determined that even though it was from outside our jurisdiction she had to stay on the call with this subject. There was some confusion at first when the person was giving a Green Bay address and then he said that if Police didn4t arrive soon he would blow his house up. Cynthia stayed on this call for over 14 minutes and finally talked the subject into coming out of the house and surrendering to Deputies. While she was on the call other Dispatchers contacted Brown County and found out they were already out at this subject4s residence and that he had refused to come out. From the Brown County Deputy4s incident report: Deputy Steffen and Deputy Grinke secured the outside perimeter of the home. As we entered the home we could hear Erol talking to himself in the basement. Deputy Stevens announced himself and asked Erol if he would come to the bottom of the stairs and talk with us. Erol refused. Erol advised us that he had a gun and also that the house was rigged with explosives. After speaking with Erol for approximately 5 minutes Erol stopped talking with us. Moments later we could hear Erol speaking with someone else. Dispatched advised moments later that he was speaking with someone from the Wood County Sheriff4s Office (WCSO). Throughout Erol4s conversation with the WCSO Erol advised that he had a gun. After approximately 10 minutes the WCSO convinced Erol to come up out of the basement area to us. Erol came out from the basement and walked up the stairs, Deputy Stevens and Sgt. Maloney took Erol into custody at this time. Erol was handcuffed, searched and placed in the back of my squad car for transport. On the way to the Crisis Center I asked Erol what Why was going on today. Erol said, 4I4m just depressed and want to kill myself.. From the Brown County Communications Center log: At 0713: Wood County is on the phone w/James and said the house is going to blow up and ready to exploaded and he has 357 mag and it is loaded At 0715: He states he is in the basment of the house and wants to hear a siren At 0723: Subject is 10-80 per 5K At 0727: Wood County notified subject in custody and thanked for all their help Cynthia 4Cindy. did a wonderful job on this call and was instrumental in the safe conclusion to this situation. Cindy works all her shifts striving to excel and provides our callers and users with the best possible customer service at all times. I believe that Cindy is deserving of the Telecommunicator of the Year award for this incident and her continuous dedication to the job.  Submitted by:  Kelly Zenz, Manager, Wood County Dispatch Center