CISM - Convert Post Traumatic Stress into
Post Traumatic Growth & Personal Resilience


Presented by:  Randy Kratz, FEI Behavioral Health


Emotional distress as a result of chronic exposure to traumatic situations  may not be as easy to detect as a physical injury but it can be just as debilitating and painful. Although anyone can be adversely affected by exposure to a traumatic event, Telecommunicators, like other first responders have been shown to be particularly vulnerable to the development of stress reactions as they are often exposed to traumatic events in their day-to-day work experiences.

The advent of NG911, and the likelihood of Telecommunicators receiving/viewing graphic pictures and videos becoming commonplace, will only add to the exposure.

Telecommunicators, along with their field partners must have the proper coping skills and training in order to fulfill their role as caretakers effectively. This workshop will outline the various traumatic stress responses (vicarious, compassion fatigue, secondary and post-traumatic) and ways to better prepare, respond, and recover.
Randy Kratz is a licensed clinical social worker and licensed professional counselor in the State of Wisconsin. He has worked as both a counselor and a supervisor in outpatient and hospital settings for over 15 years.  He has been a workplace consultant for over 20 years  providing employers and employees with assistance for stress & conflict management, organizational change, substance abuse and other organizational  challenges affecting people.  Randy is an experienced adult educator.  Hes presented at many conferences and workshops throughout the Midwest.