Tuesday - May 16th - General Session
Wellness for the First Responder
   -  Christine Bannister
"I can't take this anymore... I'm so tired of working back to back 12 hour shifts!  She just had 2 CPR calls and suicidal all in one week.  These protocols change all the time and it's driving me crazy!  Why won't this officer answer his radio... ARRRRRGH!"  Does this sound familiar? Mandatory overtime comes in waves crashing onto a shift already drenched with stress. Expectations continue to increase while staffing numbers decrease… and all this on the heels of heightened tensions surging through the country.  The thin gold line is stretched tight and taut but holds strong... for now.  Proactive education is the best way to equip and prepare emergency dispatch staff to recognize and manage stress.  We’ll discuss tips and tricks to combat multiple types of stress and how to 'see stress as a positive motivator' in and out of the dispatch center.
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