WI-NENA Chapter Meeting & Training
August 10, 2011
10:00am - 12:00pm (Approx end)
Portage County Annex
1462 Strongs Ave
Stevens Point,  WI
Training vs Knowledge Transfer
More Knowledge to More People for Less Money in Less Time
by James P. Cavanagh
Knowledge is the LIFE-BLOOD of any public safety organization. Traditional training has always been cost prohibitive and is even more so in todays' economic times. What is Knowledge Transfer? What is the difference between Traditional Training and Knowledge Transfer? How does it same time and money? Where do you find Knowledge Transfer Agents? Join us and learn the answers to these and many other questions.
James P. Cavanagh is a network industry expert with over a quarter century of experience in traditional and emerging network technoloties who has devoted most of the last four years to sharing his knowledge on Internet, Voice over Internet Protocol and IP security topics with the public safety community.  Mr. Cavanagh is a Knowledge Transfer agent for The Consultant Registry and is a founder of the Training Institute for Public Safety.