Social Media:
     Facebook is NOT Your Diary
       Tammy Chatman
       - Flight for Life - McHenry Base
The birth of social media in 2003 has made the world in which we live smaller in just over twelve years of use.  Our conversations are the same but the speed and methods of communication as well as the reach and impact of our words have increased. Immediacy has replaced accuracy and accountability for the words we spew across the internet has become all but non-existent. But on the positive side, social media allows us to tell our stories, in our own words, to all who will “listen”, enabling us to be ambassadors for our organization and the causes that we are passionate about. 
As the number of active users of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites continues to grow, so do the concerns regarding what these social media platforms do with your personal information. Do those of us who are utilizing social media on a daily basis need to be concerned? What are the long term repercussions of an online “misstep”? Having a social media policy for your organization is not enough; staff must be educated on how to appropriately and safely use social media. This presentation will provide the attendees with practical information and guidance on how to safely engage in the use of social media without jeopardizing their future opportunities and employment. By following simple guidelines and a common sense approach to information sharing, you and your organization can benefit from the utilization of this powerful communication tool.
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