Federated Architecture
       Justin McTeer
        - Emergency CallWorks
A Federated system architecture is an ideal option for large county & statewide deployments wanting to maintain independence but have the ability to easily share information with other PSAPs. The federated model consists of a collection of interconnected servers utilizing a single, unified computing resource. Resulting in an IP network-based virtual “One System” environment, the federated platform offers a high availability, Geo-diverse, multi-server “N” scale cluster design consisting of potentially multiple physically diverse data center locations, each with multiple cluster configurations. Super Clusters are hardware fault tolerant & geo-diverse & support a configurable number of PSAPs & users, allowing the overall system to support a practically unlimited number of both PSAPs & users. In addition, the federated system has the ability to transfer a substantial amount of Call, Incident, & Unit Detail data & historical information. Learn about the possibilities & benefits.
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