Crash Scene Awareness for Emergency Dispatchers
       Dave Spakowitz/Marquis Young
       - Statewide Traffic Operations Center
Overview of the many facets of effective Traffic Incident Management (TIM). Safety of all responders is paramount at any incident scene. Through the proper application of TIM principles, the safety of responders can be improved and the time required to clear an incident can be reduced. Emergency dispatchers play a key role in successful TIM. If the dispatcher has knowledge in regard to needs of the responder to properly manage a crash scene, they can improve the communication between all disciplines, improve the safety of all at a scene and significantly reduce the clearance time of the incident.  Dispatchers also play a vital role between the motoring public and responders. Through the utilization of technology available at the Statewide Traffic Operations Center (STOC), communication of this important link can be improved as well.  
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